Burlesque Shows Las Vegas

Burlesque Shows in Las Vegas

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Burlesque shows have been a popular form of entertainment for decades, and Las Vegas is no exception. The city has a vibrant burlesque scene, with shows that combine the classic elements of the genre with modern twists and updates.

Burlesque shows are a form of theatrical entertainment that is characterized by comedy, satire, and striptease. They have their roots in the music halls and vaudeville theaters of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and have evolved over time to incorporate a variety of different styles and influences.

In Las Vegas, burlesque shows have become an increasingly popular attraction, with a range of different venues and performers catering to both locals and tourists.

Here are the best burlesque shows in Las Vegas :

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FANTASY best burlesque shows in las vegasCourtesy FANTASY

Fantasy has been a beloved burlesque show at the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas for over two decades. Its reputation as a top-tier entertainment option has only grown with time, attracting tourists and locals alike who seek an unforgettable experience.

The show boasts a vibrant energy that’s powered by a diverse range of contemporary and classic burlesque performances. The dancers, each a highly trained and talented entertainer, offer an array of acts, including awe-inspiring aerialists and mind-bending contortionists.

What sets Fantasy apart from other shows is its celebration of female empowerment and sensuality. The performers radiate strength and confidence, inviting the audience to embrace their own inner power. The artistic and sensual costumes, which are both elaborate and provocative, enhance the beauty of the performers’ movements.

Without a doubt, Fantasy’s impact on Las Vegas is indelible. Its performers continue to enthrall audiences, showcasing the limitless potential of the human body and spirit through their unforgettable performances.

Zombie Burlesque

Zombie Burlesque show Las Vegas
Courtesy Zombie Burlesque

If you’re looking for a unique and unforgettable experience during your trip to Las Vegas, look no further than Zombie Burlesque. This spooky, sexy, and hilariously entertaining show is unlike anything else on the Las Vegas Strip.

Zombie Burlesque takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where zombies and humans coexist (sort of). The show follows the story of a group of zombies who have formed their own burlesque troupe and are trying to make it big in Sin City. The cast includes a range of colorful characters, from a sultry zombie queen to a clumsy zombie janitor.

One of the things that makes Zombie Burlesque so special is the personalized experience you get as an audience member. The cast members interact with the audience throughout the show, making jokes, flirting, and even pulling a few lucky individuals up on stage for some interactive fun.

Rouge – The Sexiest Show In Vegas!

Rouge - The Sexiest Show In Vegas
Courtesy Rouge

Looking for a steamy, unforgettable night in Vegas? Enter the seductive world of ROUGE and let your inner desires run wild. This provocative production is a feast for the senses, featuring a talented cast of performers who spared no expense to create an unforgettable show.

ROUGE: The Sexiest Show in Vegas is perfect for adults who enjoy raunchy humor, stunning performers, and titillating thrills. From start to finish, this show will have you enraptured. One of the most memorable vignettes is the French Revolution-themed piece, complete with a naughty Marie Antoinette, a ballet dancer on pointe, and bedazzled gowns and powdered wigs.

At the STRAT, ROUGE blends voyeuristic performances with acrobatics, aerial stunts, and much more. The show is the latest creation from the minds behind WOW and Extravaganza, and it’s a must-see for anyone seeking a truly immersive Vegas experience.

X Burlesque

X Burlesque shows in Las Vegas
Courtesy X Burlesque

X Burlesque is a Las Vegas show that combines the art of burlesque dancing with modern choreography and technology to create a unique and exhilarating entertainment experience. The show is performed at the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel and Casino and has been a popular attraction since its debut in 2002.

The show features a cast of talented dancers who perform a variety of burlesque-inspired routines that showcase their sensuality, athleticism, and showmanship. The dancers are accompanied by an energetic soundtrack and dynamic lighting and visual effects, which add to the show’s overall impact and appeal.

X Burlesque is known for its creative and daring choreography, which includes aerial acts, pole dancing, and other acrobatic feats. The show also incorporates elements of comedy, audience interaction, and sexy striptease, making it a fun and engaging experience for viewers of all ages and backgrounds.

X Country

X Country burlesque show 2023
Courtesy X Country

Looking for a seductive burlesque show that blends traditional and contemporary country music chart-toppers? Look no further than X Country, the latest hit from the producers of X Burlesque, X Rocks and X Comedy. The show features a cast of gorgeous and talented dancers, known as the X Country Girls, who perform sultry dance numbers and entertain audiences with their sizzling costumes.

Located in the iconic Harrah’s Cabaret, X Country is a topless revue that turns up the heat as soon as the lights go down. As you watch the X Country Girls perform, you’ll also be treated to a mini-movie filmed in the ghost town of Nelson, NV.

But don’t worry if you’re not a country music fan; X Country is a show that everyone can enjoy. The dancers’ seductive moves and stunning appearances are enough to get anyone’s heart racing. So grab your cowboy boots and prepare for a wild night of country-themed fun that you won’t soon forget. Don’t miss your chance to catch X Country in action, book your tickets now before they sell out!

X Rocks

X Rocks Las Vegas burlesque show
Courtesy X Rocks

Discover the newly revamped show “X Rocks” by the masterminds behind the fan-favorite topless revue “X Burlesque”. Prepare to be mesmerized by the fusion of hot and skilled dancers and legendary tunes that will captivate every rock ‘n’ roll enthusiast.

Immerse yourself in an intimate theater at Horseshoe Las Vegas where you’ll be up close and personal with the stunning performers. “X Rocks” is a unique Vegas topless show that delivers on its name, blending impeccably choreographed dance routines with rib-tickling humor that sets it apart. USA Today raves, calling it a “top-notch” production.

Husband-and-wife duo Matt and Angela Stabile have been crafting sensational striptease shows on the famous Las Vegas Strip. For “X Rocks,” they have combined their passion for heavy metal music with sensual and high-energy choreography, along with mesmerizing sets.


BurlesQ burlesque shows in las vegas 2023
Courtesy BurlesQ

Experience the classic charm of burlesque with a modern twist at BurlesQ in Alexis Park. You’ll be entertained by a lineup of classic Vegas showgirls dressed in scanty costumes, alongside the hilarious 18-year old “Fantasy” comedian, Sean E. Cooper. 

This seductive and entertaining show will give you an excellent introduction to burlesque performances. With a talented group of stunning dancers and singers, the show features skin-revealing costumes that will leave you captivated.

But that’s not all! BurlesQ is a professional show that offers much more than just striptease. With a comedic host and a ventriloquist, you’ll also be entertained by laughs throughout the entire show.

Black Girl Magic

Black Girl Magic burlesque show las vegas
Courtesy Black Girl Magic

Las Vegas, get ready to be transported on a historical journey of black women like never before, courtesy of the stunning ladies of Black Girl Magic. As the only all-black female burlesque show in the city, the gorgeous cast of dancers will bring to life a tribute performance to the 6888 Army’s black female battalion, the iconic 1920’s performer Josephine Baker, and other scintillating numbers.

Produced by the masterminds of Black Magic Live, Black Girl Magic is bringing the heat to the Strip! The LaMarre Theater is the place to be for a 90-minute interactive experience featuring sultry R&B music and soulful hip hop. It’s not just a sexy dance burlesque show, but a journey into black female excellence, with seductive sets reminiscent of Motown, exotic tributes to ancient Queens of Egypt, and a military tribute to the all-black Women Army Corp.

The Black Girl Magic experience is more than just a show, it’s an exploration of black female excellence. With an array of history and tantalizing choreography, this is not one to be missed. Get your tickets now for this adult show at the LaMarre Theater and indulge in the Chocolate experience.

Burlesque Hall Of Fame

Burlesque Hall Of Fame Las Vegas
Courtesy Burlesque Hall Of Fame

The Burlesque Hall of Fame, located in downtown Las Vegas, is a must-see destination for lovers of vintage and modern burlesque. This unique museum and gift shop is dedicated to celebrating the art of burlesque and offers a fascinating inside look at its history and cultural significance.

At the Burlesque Hall of Fame, visitors can explore the different elements of burlesque, including comedy, theater, dance, music, and costumes. From its controversial beginnings in the 1950s to its modern-day revival, the museum provides a timeline of notable events and showcases costumes and memorabilia from different eras. The “Peek a View” view master kiosk also offers a glimpse into the early days of burlesque with a collection of photographs.

The museum owes its existence to Jennie Lee, a well-known burlesque dancer who envisioned a place dedicated to preserving and celebrating this form of entertainment. Although Lee passed away before the museum opened, her friend Dixie Evans kept her memory alive. In 2006, the museum moved from California to Las Vegas and has been thriving ever since.

Aside from providing visitors with an education on burlesque history, the Burlesque Hall of Fame also offers a unique shopping experience. Visitors can purchase apparel, playing cards, postcards, magnets, and coffee mugs as souvenirs to take a piece of burlesque home with them.


Overall, burlesque shows in Las Vegas offer a unique and exciting form of entertainment that combines dance, comedy, and sensuality in a way that is both provocative and entertaining. Whether you are a local or a visitor, these shows are a must-see for anyone looking for a fun and memorable night out in Las Vegas.