Best Restaurants in Scottsdale, Arizona

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Old Town Scottsdale is home to a myriad of fantastic eateries. Many of the Valley’s greatest restaurants and other attractions may be found in this compact downtown area. However, when it comes to activities, this area of Scottsdale in Arizona is only the tip of the iceberg. If you’re looking for something a little less touristy, there are a lot of additional hidden treasures to be uncovered, including some of the best steakhouses in Scottsdale right next to famous hotels.

The following is a list of the best restaurants in Scottsdale area.

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Virtù Honest Craft

top restaurants scottsdale Virtu Honest Craft
Courtesy Virtù Honest Craft

3701 North Marshall Way, Scottsdale (Open in Google Maps)

Virtu, the restaurant started in 2013 by Chef Gio Osso, has quickly established itself as a favourite customer destination. Esquire named it one of the best romantic restaurants in Scottsdale a few months after it opened, and the James Beard Foundation nominated it for Best New Restaurant a few years later. Rather of staying loyal to its Italian roots, the cuisine has evolved to incorporate more bright and innovative aspects, resulting in food that is both inspired and incredibly unique.

Osso creates dishes that are exceptionally refined thanks to the use of octopus from Spain and components found locally. This is one of the best two or three pasta restaurants in Scottsdale, and it does it really well. A superb range of these delectable liquors may be found on the cocktail menu, which includes flights of amari. If you want to enjoy a great brunch in Scottsdale, items such as crepes, cast-iron frittatas and Benedicts with duck confit and mortadella are offered. If you like Virtu, you should check out Osso’s Pizza, which is just next door.

FnB Restaurant

best restaurants scottsdale FnB Restaurant
Courtesy FnB Restaurant

7125 East Fifth Avenue, #31, Scottsdale (Open in Google Maps)

The mentality of Scottsdale’s FnB restaurant reflects the “seasonal” and “local” movements, which have become culinary buzzwords for a variety of enterprises in recent years. Furthermore, FnB pushes the standard for both to whole new heights. Charleen Badman, a celebrity chef, combines locally accessible ingredients in meals that are both familiar and innovative.

She has received several James Beard Awards for her work. She often serves wonderfully roasted local chicken, Swiss chard falafel, and Badman’s well-known braised leeks, which are topped with mozzarella, a fried egg, and mustard breadcrumbs, among other things, infusing her cooking with foreign flavours. In addition to its courteous personnel, the restaurant’s extensive wine list provides a wide choice of Arizona wines for diners to try and enjoy. A vibrant FnBar is located on one side of the restaurant and is a great place to start or end a night of dining.


fancy restaurants scottsdale ShinBay
Courtesy ShinBay

3720 North Scottsdale Road, #201, Scottsdale (Open in Google Maps)

There’s a new ShinBay in Old Town, and it’s nothing like the old one. Omakase is the only choice, and chef Shinji Kurita’s never-ending parade of magnificent fish is worth the entry fee alone. From the beginning of the dinner, the chef and his helper will brush soy sauce over fish, slice nigiri, and blowtorch fish with the touch of a jeweller setting a diamond, creating a continuous dreamy rhythm from start to end.

Although your nigiri choices may differ from night to night, the eel and shad nigiri are among the most outstanding. Take a look at the extensive assortment of Japanese beers that are available on any given night. You, like the other attendees at this private gathering, will be startled by what you discover.

Hush Public House

trendy restaurants scottsdale Hush Public House
Courtesy Hush Public House

14202 North Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale (Open in Google Maps)

This little restaurant, situated south of Kierland Commons, serves some of the city’s most creative cuisine. Hush Public House’s main goal is to deliver outstanding cuisine, and they work relentlessly to do this without a care in the world. To complete off the start, there’s a rotating menu of seasonal delicacies like grilled slab bacon, chicken liver mousse, and precisely cooked peas with strawberries and ricotta salata, among others.

Customers appeared to like every dish on the Hush menu. The pastas, whether made in-house or purchased from Sonoran Pasta Company, are among the finest in the Valley. Everything, from chicken to oxtail, has a distinct aroma and flavour. Spaghetti with grilled fish, such as swordfish, and Castelvetrano grilled olives are served with a soft-cooked egg on the side. When seasoned with harissa and a little love, a simple cauliflower dish is elevated to the level of a desert feast fit for a king or queen. Stop by The Vanilla Gorilla, a new bar and wine store just next door, before or after your meal.

Chula Seafood

5 star restaurants scottsdale Chula Seafood
Courtesy Chula Seafood

8015 East Roosevelt Street, Scottsdale (Open in Google Maps)

Chula Seafood is the place to go if you want a low-key hangout where every meal seems like a unique gift. Poke is one of the most popular Japanese dishes, owing to the use of fresh fish and novel ingredients like smoked pineapple.

Chula has some of the best smoked fish in the city. When you choose the ever-changing plate, you’ll receive more than just a variety of pickles and exquisite sauces since it contains favourites like lox, trout, and swordfish belly pastrami. A third Chula restaurant is expected to open in North Scottsdale by the beginning of 2022, with a menu that is more extensive than the one given at the original facility in South Scottsdale.

Andreoli Italian Grocer

romantic restaurants scottsdale Andreoli Italian Grocer
Courtesy Andreoli Italian Grocer

8880 East Via Linda, Scottsdale (Open in Google Maps)

There’s always something new to discover and explore at Giovanni Scorzo’s grocery-meets-restaurant. Cannoli, pistachio cake, torte, scones, sfogliatelle triangles, and dark chocolate tools are among the delights on show in a glass case at the store’s entryway. This eatery serves great pizza. The bread takes on new meaning when served as part of a typical Italian panini with meats, veggies, and cheese (or eggplant, tomato sauce, and cheese). Scorzo is no surprise to originate from the far south of Italy, as shown by his goods, which are a little more unknown.

When it comes to making burrata, it’s a must-try during your trip in Scottsdale. Risottos and cartoonish slabs of Fiorentina bistecca are just a few of the dishes he can conjure up quickly in the kitchen. His greatest dinners are sometimes concealed behind a long list of daily specials. Aside from that, Chef Scorzo and his family hand-roll some of the greatest fresh pasta in town (especially the ravioli).

Citizen Public House

good restaurants scottsdale Citizen Public House
Courtesy Citizen Public House

7111 East Fifth Avenue, Scottsdale (Open in Google Maps)

Buffet-style eating at Bernie Kantak’s white-tablecloth restaurant, which is loaded with American-inspired whimsy and variety, is an incredible delight. The amaro goes into the meatloaf, the togarashi goes into the fillet mignon, and the cherry barbecue sauce goes into the short ribs and pork chops. Citizens Public House has one of the most well-known chopped salads in the area, which can be found on their menu (The Original Chopped Salad).

You may also order a burger that pays tribute to Kantak’s previous burger stand in The Churchill, which is no longer open. This menu has a big number of goods that stand out on their own and leave an impression. What about the braised pork belly spaetzle and pastrami? What are your opinions on this? This is only one example of what Kantak is capable of achieving on his own. Don’t miss out on the refined cocktail menu, which includes barrel-aged drinks that take classics to new heights.

Sel Restaurant

high end restaurants scottsdale Sel Restaurant
Courtesy Sel Restaurant

7044 East Main Street, Scottsdale (Open in Google Maps)

Braden Levine, the restaurant’s five-year-old chef, keeps the cuisine fresh and inventive by incorporating Eastern and Western traditions into his dishes on a daily basis. Some of the prices will make your eyes jump out, such as white truffle mac & cheese for more than $60 and caviar pricing that appears like daily temperature readings. Sel’s cuisine incorporates a number of traditional European delicacies, such as foie gras and steak au poivre, but he approaches them in a unique way.

Uni carbonara with Persian cucumbers and lamb dumplings seasoned with Persian pickles are two of the menu’s most innovative items. Levine draws inspiration in a multitude of locations across the world, including Korea, India, Italy, and Mexico, to name a few. Consider ordering a tasting menu if you’re celebrating a special occasion to guarantee you get the best of everything.

Cafe Monarch

great restaurants scottsdale Cafe Monarch
Courtesy Cafe Monarch

6939 East First Avenue, Scottsdale (Open in Google Maps)

You may create a European-style meal in the comfort of your own home. Cafe Monarch was ranked the third greatest fine dining restaurant in the United States, as well as the second most romantic restaurant in the nation, in a Travelocity study. The farm-to-table components used in the cuisine guarantee that the highest quality is supplied for couples. This is a setting where you and your partner will feel at ease, and romance will take centre stage. Reserve, a second location of our top romantic restaurant of 2021, is now open and owned by the same individuals as the original.

Mercado Y Carniceria Cuernavaca

2931 North 68th Street, Scottsdale (Open in Google Maps)

One of the more fascinating Mexican meals in the Valley’s northeastern region may be found at this little bodega in the South Scottsdale neighbourhood. You may also get spicy sauce, fresh flour tortillas, and grilled meats, pig, and chicken ready to cook at home right here at this spot. A well-equipped kitchen may be located in the rear of a modest shop. Grilled chicken from the mesquite tree is a nutritious and tasty delicacy. In under 30 minutes, you can make a dinner of beans, tortillas, and a deliriously creamy rust-orange salsa loaded with entire seeds and an unbelievable punch of heat. Furthermore, the Santanas provide a variety of plate-style delicacies like as burritos, huaraches, sopes, gorditas, tortas, and tacos, among others.


The Best Restaurants in Scottsdale

Although the southern US has always had an impact on Scottsdale’s cuisine, don’t expect to exclusively eat chorizo and street corn in a bar in Scottsdale. To give customers a variety of alternatives every day of the week, haute cuisine and specialties have increased in this metropolis. Using the tastes of Italy, Japan, and France as inspiration, traditional meals have been given new life. Scottsdale residents have a penchant for exquisite dining, and the city is home to some of the top steakhouses in the state as well as Japanese sushi, upmarket Mexican eateries and breakfast restaurants all around Scottsdale. This is why it’s easy to pick between the best restaurants in Scottsdale!